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Photo Dump Dopeness >>> ABS13

Check out the gallery from ASB13 after the jump!

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Review Dopeness >>> Our Time With A 2013 Ford Mustang

As of this past Friday, Caitlin and I are on our “Summer Break”. What does that mean? Well, we both were able to take from Friday to the following Sunday off! 10 days of sleeping in, doing whatever we wanted, and this 2013 Ford Mustang was one of the things that helped kick it off. On a whim we decided to go up to Oregon for Bash To The Future and instead of just taking the Element up we decided to pick up a brand new 2013 Mustang for our drive up.

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General Dopeness >>> A Day with DTA!

I met up with Johan “Yo” Esbensen of DTA at his home in Venice to document the beginning of a new chapter for DTA, story after the jump!

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First Impressions >>> OMGDrift Plays Forza Horizon

I was given an hour and a half with Forza Horizon and their creative team, read my full impressions after the jump!

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Formula Dopeness >>> Seattle Qualifying

Qualifying is over, the cars are gearing up for a the final day of Formula Drift here in Monroe, make the jump for all the action from yesterday!

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Birthday Dopeness >>> Our Fearless Leaders Birthday


Our Fearless leader Drew Fishbein, The man who braves solo cross country trips to Florida

and deals with our staffs antics, turns another year older today

Leave him love in the comment section!

Happy Birthday Drew!

Call me maybe?


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Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Kyle Mohan KMR attacks Long Beach

Long Beach 2012. My home town and my home track. I always love racing on the streets of Long Beach. It’s one of the few tracks I get to sleep in my own bed. We made a lot of changes to the Nexen Tire, Mazdatrix RX-8 in the off season and it was great to have it back on the track smoking the Nexen N6000 tires.
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Event Dopeness >>> A Brief Glimpse of SEMA

A lot of the Formula Drift media regulars were reunited at the infamous SEMA event, held annually in none other than the fabulous Las Vegas. Thankfully, with it being November, we weren’t subjected to the intense heat like we were during Round 6. Seriously. Want to know what was even weirder though? These cars were stationary. It’s almost foreign to me these days taking photos of cars that are just sitting there instead of moving sideways throwing smoke and tire at my face.

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Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Ken Gushi: Crusher of Dreams & Smoke Screening Asses

So.. It’s the end of the season. Irwindale was insane. Insane Insane Insane!! Apparently, it was the biggest event Formula D has ever had. Record sales. I gotta admit, I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of fans in the stands. The stands were flooded with die hard drift fans and tire-smoke-thirsty fanatics. I have never seen Irwindale Speedway so alive. This made me want to win the event even more. But I had a plan. Actually, more like a goal. To either win, or go out with a huge bang. Let’s begin with how practice went.

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FD Irwindale Dopeness >>> Through the Eyes of an Irishman

WOW… just WOW!! My first ever experience of FormulaD and to say it didn’t disappoint would be an understatement. Seriously, you guys and gals in the States don’t realize how lucky you are! I enjoyed almost every minute I had at Irwindale – more on that later. It’s all fine and well looking at a FormulaD event on the drift stream and seeing videos of it but like anything, I guess you need to get up close and personal. On the face of it, FormulaD is just another drift competition, but delve deeper and what you have is not only one of the most exciting drift series in the world but definitely one of the most friendliest series I have had the pleasure of being a part of.

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