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Colorado Dopeness >>> Drift Colorado’s First Event of 2014!


Drift Colorado ( hosted their first event of 2014 last month and in typical Colorado fashion, the weather wasn’t too eager to cooperate. After a night of snow & sleet at the track, temps were hovering in the low teens with dense fog by the time the track went ‘hot.’

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Grassroots Dopeness >>> March Madness At PARC


Pat’s Acres. Drifting. Spring. A few photos, and even fewer words.

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Event Dopeness >>> D1NZ Round 3


There is a certain vibe I receive from drifting events. Something that just sticks out like a sore toe, but yet you can’t exactly put your finger on it. The tight knit community, the smell of rubber, the early morning sunlight, and also maybe that everyone is there for the same reason. This event was no different. The early morning sunlight was definitely welcomed as a sweltering day was ahead whilst some drivers started warming their cars up during the first practice session of the day. One competing team that immediately caught my eye and my camera was the globally known C’s Garage team, running a pair of S-Chassis, one Silvia S14 and a Onevia. These two cars sideways are in my opinion a standing icon of the Japanese ‘D1’ scene. Both running SR20DET power plants with extensive fab work and aftermarket parts.

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Year-End Dopeness >>> My Year In Review: 2013 Edition

With 2014 looming on the horizon, I feel it’s a good time to take a look back on my 2013 year with OMGDrift for the practically obligatory and as-expected year-in-review post. I hit up fewer events this year, only nine in total, and only traveling about 6,600 miles this year compared to 11,000+ last. Yet as I pushed the odometer on my trusty old ’97 LS400 closer to 200K, it seemed the events I DID cover made up for lack of quantity with an increase of quality. More after the jump!

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VIDEO DOPENESS >>> Team Hankook 2013

Check out OMGDrift driver Mike Fitz and the rest of his Hankook team mates battle it out during the Irish Drift Championship this past year.


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Photo Dump Dopeness >>> ABS13

Check out the gallery from ASB13 after the jump!

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Video Dopeness >>> STREET SHARKS | Hert x All Star Bash | Ratchet Slow-Mo Drifting

If you haven’t seen this yet you’ve probably been living under a rock, and, this is our special way of welcoming you back to civilization.

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Midwest Dopeness >>> DriftSTL’s 2013 Brolex Finale

DriftSTL concluded its 2013 season last Saturday with the final Brolex event of the year at Gateway Motorsports Complex. Around 25 drivers from the Midwest turned out to attack Gateway’s beloved road course one last time before packing it up for the winter months and focusing on next year’s plans. More after the jump!

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Pro-Am Dopeness >>> Andrew Lewis Earns Formula D License

Andrew Lewis finished the 2013 Midwest Drift Union season in third place, securing a Formula D license to compete in the series next year. Much as we did with Geoff Stoneback and Mike Skudlarek, we’re taking a look back on the road that got Lewis to this point. More after the jump!

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Midwest Dopeness >>> Midwest Drift Union Round 4 at Street Life Tour

Street Life Tour once again served as the final round of the Midwest Drift Union pro-am championship season, featuring lots of smoke, some big crashes, and the crowning of a new series champ. More after the jump!

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