IDC was in Ennis for Round 3 of the championship. As you can see it started off extremely wet. There were patches of water on […]

The final round of Formula D was over a month ago, and I finally got the video done for it. Yea, Im slow. So hit […]

Just hot of the video reel from our friends over on Good Luggage.

The trip to Seattle started with a short drive up to CFRC in Orlando for their usual Saturday night drift event for a quick last […]

Punchestown Ireland had its second drift event this year after Prodrift ran here in late May. The track layout was very similar but with different […]

Hey Guys, I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to share my experience from our home event, Rd 3, Fermoy Autodrome on omgdrift. It was […]

Round 2 started as we¬†rolled into Atlanta at around 5am Thursday morning. We were running a little behind schedule due to getting my car back […]

Round 2 in Atlanta was full of intense battles, surprises, and tons of awesome. With a repeat from round 1, Justin “JTP”¬†Pawlak took home first […]

ClubLoose put on another great event last weekend, and a bunch of rad drivers came out to have some fun and do some shakedown runs. […]

Why yes, yes we do. With the 2012 drifting season underway, I would like to take this time to announce that we at decided […]