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Year-End Dopeness >>> My Year In Review: 2013 Edition

With 2014 looming on the horizon, I feel it’s a good time to take a look back on my 2013 year with OMGDrift for the practically obligatory and as-expected year-in-review post. I hit up fewer events this year, only nine in total, and only traveling about 6,600 miles this year compared to 11,000+ last. Yet as I pushed the odometer on my trusty old ’97 LS400 closer to 200K, it seemed the events I DID cover made up for lack of quantity with an increase of quality. More after the jump!

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Formula Dopeness >>> Irwindale Crowns a New Champion!!

With a brand new car and not much of a budget, Mike Essa and his GSR Autosport team have taken home the 2013 FD Championship! Congrats to everyone at GSR and Mike for a great season! Click more for more on how he did it!

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Formula Drift Dopeness >>> Drama and The Usual (And Unusual) Suspects on the Podium in Texas!!

Round 6 of the Formula Drift Pro Championship brought us to a new venue, yet the top two drivers in the standings managed to maintain their chase for the championship…More after the jump!

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Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Odi Bakchis vs. Seattle

I cruised into Seattle a few days early this year. Got to see Tacoma WA, and display my car at the LeMay car museum. I love getting into town early before the event, it’s awesome to meet up with some die hard fans outside the venue, chill and enjoy the local scene.

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Formula Dopeness >>> “The Force” Takes 1st In Seattle!

Chris Forsberg had a great showing this weekend, and with the help of Daigo Saito dropping out in the Top 32 and Vaughn Gittin Jr. getting knocked out in the Top 8, he moves into 1st place in the championship standings!

1. Chris Forsberg

2. Mike Essa

3. Fredric Aasbo

4. Odi Bakchis

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Team OMG Dopeness >>> Matt Field Takes On Wall!!

New Jersey is always a tough track. The track is haggard, the wall is unforgiving, and this year it seemed each and every driver turned up the heat. With the new track layout we were less attentive about breaking things since we no longer had to run through the whoop section. On Wednesday, we raised the rear of my car to help with the transition coming off the bank. This seemed to help tremendously. We finished setting up and prepping the car and we were ready for Thursday practice.

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Formula Dopeness >>> Wall Provides a Championship Shake-Up!!

Round 4 of the Formula D Pro Championship proved to be a huge shake-up in the championship points race, as Daigo Saito took home his second win of the season and knocked his closest competitor, Vaughn Gittin Jr., out in the Top 16. More on the craziness that took place after the jump!

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Formula Dopeness >>> Round 3 at Palm Beach International Raceway

This past weekend wraps up Round 3 of the 2013 Formula Drift series with results that were a mixed bag of exciting wins for some and an upsetting loss for others.

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Formula Dopeness >>> Formula Drift Atlanta 2013

Road Atlanta is one of the many homes of Formula Drift and one that holds significance to FD with it being one of the first venues to host the series. It’s also a widely known favorite amongst drivers and fans due to the awesome atmosphere. Spectators bring their tents, lawn chairs, grills, and come stockpiled with beer for the weekend. Can’t get much better than that! More after the jump!

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Formula Dopeness >>> Hotlanta Qualifying

Congratulations to the #1 qualifier, Fredric Aasbo!

Here are your Top 32 qualifiers for Round 2:

1. Fredric Aasbo 90.5
2. Michael Essa 89.8
3. Justin Pawlak 88.4
4. Chelsea DeNofa 87.6
5. Daigo Saito 84.5
6. Darren McNamara 81.4
7. Matt Powers 80.7
8. Matt Field 79.6
9 .Vaughn Gittin Jr. 79.1
10. Chris Forsberg 77.9
11. Odi Bakchis 77.9
12. Forrest Wang 72.9
13. Jeff Jones 72.2
14. Danny George 71.2
15. Dai Yoshihara 70.6
16. Kenny Moen 68.8
17. Robbie Nishida 85.1
18. Conrad Grunewald 84.9
19. Ryan Tuerck 75.4
20. Kyle Mohan 74.8
21. Miro Ovcharik 72.4
22. Toshiki Yoshioka 72.3
23. Taka Aono 71.6
24. Dave Briggs 70.4
25. Chris Ward 69.8
26. Will Parsons 69.8
27. Nate Hamilton 68.9
28. Pat Mordaunt 67.8
29. Joon Maeng 67.7
30. Pat Goodin 63
31. Corey Hosford 59
32. Walker Wilkerson 58.9

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