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Formula Dopeness >>> Qualifying at Irwindale!!

After a crazy day full of wall rides and flips, qualifying is over and Mike Essa extends his championship lead. 1. Mike Essa 2. Vaughn Gittin Jr. 3. Ryan Tuerck 4. Dean Kearney 5. Robbie Nishida 6. Tyler McQuarrie 7. Matt Field 8. Chris Forsberg 9. Odi Bakchis 10. Forrest Wang 11. Pat Goodin 12. Darren McNamara 13. Ken Gushi ... Read More »

Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Matt Field

The last round of the Formula Drift tour was at Irwindale Speedway. This event always lives up to its expectations. And this time was no different. Carnage, close calls, and wall rides are the norm at this track. Being the last event of the year, everyone knows it is all or nothing, go big or go home, make or break ... Read More »

Formula Dopeness >>> 2012 Championship Winner

After a long, hard fought battle, Daigo Saito in his Achilles SC430 is the 2012 Formula Drift Champion! Though he is certainly no rookie in drifting, this was his first year in the Formula Drift series held in the US that he has participated in. Congratulations to Daigo and his team! We can’t wait to see what next year brings. Read More »

Video Dopeness >>> Formula D Irwindale

Don’t forget to like my facebook page Beard Life Words can’t explain how much fun I had hanging out with all the media bros while shooting this event, and I learned so much thanks to a lot of great people(Yaer Producations, The Squidd, Tandem of Die, OMG Drift, sorry if I’m forgetting you!). Read More »