Check out Nobushige Kumakubo chasing this Soarer around the Nishi Short Course at Ebisu…Awesome tandem on an awesome track! -Mike G.

All I can say about this is…WOW. Turn your speakers up to 11 and play this as big and high-quality as you can. (1440p?! HOLY […]

Happy New Year, and the first of many more updates from Japan! Let’s start with something a little different…  

Something to put us in a Summer time mood, straight from Japan…. FREEE’s S13 Silvia!

Golden Week in Japan is our best National Holiday, and gives us some much needed free time… Of course, this means all the finest Cars […]

Photo of Daigo in a drivers meeting from Formula Drift Long Beach. After traveling to the United States to compete in his first Formula Drift […]

MSC Drift Round 1 will take place this weekend at Mobara Circuit, Japan… We will be there!  

Honestly, who doesn’t love D1SL and the awesome tandem runs? Less than one month until the 2012 drift season gets underway! -Mike G.

This is how I bring you all of my Blog posts from here in Japan…

I know Ross Fairfield has been waiting for this one. Let me introduce to you T&E Vertex Performance HQ… Sui:Vax! Based on the outskirts of […]