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Video Dopeness >>> KMR Episode 3 WDS Louyang Grand Prix

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Formula Drift Dopeness >>> Drama and The Usual (And Unusual) Suspects on the Podium in Texas!!

Round 6 of the Formula Drift Pro Championship brought us to a new venue, yet the top two drivers in the standings managed to maintain their chase for the championship…More after the jump!

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Video Dopeness >>> Kyle Mohan ls1 rx-8 preview video

Team Driver Kyle Mohan just released a new video previewing his LS1 RX-8 he’s built to compete in China for the WDS series. Check it out!!

I love Kyle :)


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Formula Dopeness >>> Wall Provides a Championship Shake-Up!!

Round 4 of the Formula D Pro Championship proved to be a huge shake-up in the championship points race, as Daigo Saito took home his second win of the season and knocked his closest competitor, Vaughn Gittin Jr., out in the Top 16. More on the craziness that took place after the jump!

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Formula Dopeness >>> Qualifying at Wall Stadium!!

Qualifying is over, and “JTP” Justin Pawlak took the top spot! Read on for full coverage!

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Formula Dopeness >>> JTP Takes #1 Qualifying Spot at Wall!!

“JTP” Justin Pawlak has taken the number 1 qualifying spot at Wall Stadium! The rest of the Top 32 are below…Good luck to Team OMGDrift drivers Kyle Mohan, Matt Field, and Odi Bakchis!

1. Justin Pawlak
2. Darren McNamara
3. Fredric Aasbo
4. Chris Forsberg
5. Tyler McQuarrie
6. Daigo Saito
7. Robbie Nishida
8. Conrad Grunewald
9. Chelsea DeNofa
10. Kenneth Moen
11. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
12. Kyle Mohan
13. Michael Essa
14. Jhonnatthan Castro
15. Dean Kearney
16. Danny George
17. Ryan Kado
18. Ryan Tuerck
19. Matt Field
20. Chris Ward
21. Marc Landreville
22. Ken Gushi
23. Odi Bakchis
24. Matt Powers
25. Miro Ovcharik
26. Corey Hosford
27. Taka Aono
28. Jeff Jones
29. Carl Rydquist
30. Dai Yoshihara
31. Pat Goodin
32. Nate Hamilton

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Formula Dopeness >>> Is Wall Stadium The Craziest Track in FD??

Round 4 of the Formula Drift Pro Championship brings us to New Jersey, and to one of the craziest tracks on the calendar; Wall Stadium.

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Video Dopeness>>> Kyle Mohan Racing Webseries driver Kyle “The Menace” Mohan has sent us the first episode of his season long video series. Have a look and show some love to the purple rotary powered monster


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Formula Dopeness >>> Round 3 at Palm Beach International Raceway

This past weekend wraps up Round 3 of the 2013 Formula Drift series with results that were a mixed bag of exciting wins for some and an upsetting loss for others.

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Formula Dopeness >>> Formula Drift Atlanta 2013

Road Atlanta is one of the many homes of Formula Drift and one that holds significance to FD with it being one of the first venues to host the series. It’s also a widely known favorite amongst drivers and fans due to the awesome atmosphere. Spectators bring their tents, lawn chairs, grills, and come stockpiled with beer for the weekend. Can’t get much better than that! More after the jump!

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