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Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Jeremy Lowe at Formula Drift Round 3

  My first driver’s blog of the season! I missed doing these things! For the rest of the season I’ll try to give a little personal insight on each round of Formula Drift. After a rough offseason, the possibility of doing anything this year seemed pretty bleak. I ended last season with this grand scheme of changes I wanted to make for ... Read More »

Formula Dopeness >>> Round 3 Qualifying Results

The qualifying results are in for Round 3 in West Palm Beach and today is the main competition! This has some great battles lined up, be sure to watch the livestream to see! #1 Justin Pawlak #2 Kenny Moen #3 Daigo Saito #4 Chris Forsberg #5 Mats Baribeau #6 Dai Yoshihara #7 Vaughn Gittin JR #8 David Briggs #9 Tony ... Read More »

Formula Dopeness >>> Formula Drift Atlanta 2013

Road Atlanta is one of the many homes of Formula Drift and one that holds significance to FD with it being one of the first venues to host the series. It’s also a widely known favorite amongst drivers and fans due to the awesome atmosphere. Spectators bring their tents, lawn chairs, grills, and come stockpiled with beer for the weekend. Can’t get much ... Read More »

Formula Dopeness >>> Atlanta Results

Congratulations to Daigo Saito on his first place win in the Achilles Radial / Bridges Racing SC430. That’s a wrap for Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta! Stay tuned for more coverage from this weekend, you won’t want to miss it. #1 Daigo Saito Achilles Radial / Bridges Racing Lexus Sc430 #2 Darren McNamara Falken Tire 1995 Nissan 240SX S14 ... Read More »

Formula Dopeness >>> Hotlanta Qualifying

Congratulations to the #1 qualifier, Fredric Aasbo! Here are your Top 32 qualifiers for Round 2: 1. Fredric Aasbo 90.5 2. Michael Essa 89.8 3. Justin Pawlak 88.4 4. Chelsea DeNofa 87.6 5. Daigo Saito 84.5 6. Darren McNamara 81.4 7. Matt Powers 80.7 8. Matt Field 79.6 9 .Vaughn Gittin Jr. 79.1 10. Chris Forsberg 77.9 11. Odi Bakchis ... Read More »

Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Matt Field

We have decided to call this season “Out For Blood.” That will be the continuing theme as I strive for the first tier on the podium. The reasoning behind this is that Alpinestars sent me my badass new neon suit, and along with that, they sent me some red gloves. At first, I was a bit confused as to why ... Read More »

Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Joon Maeng

Hello OMGDrift fans!! Thank you for having me on board! The off season flew by with Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire working away on making all the necessary upgrades and changes on the vehicle. We made sure to get better flow with the custom fabricated JBA Headers, new Hi-Ram Holley EFI intake manifold for better throttle control, Powered by Max suspension upgrades ... Read More »

Formula Drift Dopeness >>> Back to the Streets

Long Beach is one of the most intimidating tracks of the Formula Drift season. Can you imagine being surrounded by walls throughout the entire course where the slightest mistake can send you careening into a concrete barrier? No thanks. Although those walls are menacing and the FD veterans are somewhat used to them, it may seem daunting to a rookie ... Read More »