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Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Mike Fitz At IDC Round 3

August 14, 2013 • By

Hey OMGDrift fans,

Hows the craic? J I hope you’ve been enjoying a rip-roaring smokin’ drift season so far, wherever you’re from! Ok, let’s cut straight to the chase: I didn’t post up any Round 2 blog because I had this big, really deep piece which took a look into the professional side of drifting almost finished. It asked whether it’s still fun at the top level, what with the associated financial pressures and also the pressure you’re under to get out there and perform for your crew and team. Then I realised that it was little more than a reflection on my own mind frame at the time after a tough start to the season, and also that it was a load of nonsense, because of course it’s fun, drifting’s AWESOME!!! It’s just that at the top level the stakes are higher: the highs are higher, the lows are lower, and I guess I was in a low.

Irish IDC Dopeness, Irish ProDrift Dopeness

Irish IDC Dopeness >>> Punchestown Round 2

June 1, 2013 • By

Round 2 of IDC was held in Punchestown.  As always my favourite track of the year. Its so fast, the walls are so close and oh so very hard! As is becoming the fashion here lately there was a practice day on the Friday, I unfortunately couldn’t make it due to work commitments. Due to a few other commitments I missed most of Saturdays action also. I did get in pro practice and also most of the top 32.

Driver Blog, Irish IDC Dopeness, Irish ProDrift Dopeness

Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Mike Fitz At IDC Round 1

May 13, 2013 • By

Hello fellow OMGDrift fans! I hope you’re well and rested from the off season, it’s great to be back in a competition car and great to be back here on OMGDrift!

This year in Ireland we have an all new championship. The Irish Drift Championship (or IDC) replaces the iconic Prodrift series, although it’s basically the same great staff that are behind both series and all the drivers and teams remain, so thankfully we’re continuing with the high standards of organisation and most importantly drifting which we’re become accustomed to on this little island.

Irish IDC Dopeness, Irish ProDrift Dopeness

Irish IDC Dopeness >>> Mondello Live Round 1

April 24, 2013 • By

First off apologies for the delay in getting this blog up. Last weekend saw the first ever IDC, Irish Drift Championship, round in Mondello. IDC is basically Prodrift renamed. Most of the staff are still in place, rules and regulations are pretty much all the same. What an event to start off a new series with, great weather for the most part, great driving and just a general sense of excitement.

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Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Mike Fitz at Japfest

December 2, 2012 • By

Hey fellow drifters! I hope you’re all well! My apologies for my lateness, the final event of the year was pretty short for me, so I was waiting for the proposed Prodrift night time exhibition/prize giving round to squeeze them both into one supreme blog-o-rama. But the exhibition was cancelled, so instead let’s just have a better look at the traditionally-awesome Prodrift final, which was held at the Japfest festival at our national (and usually cold) race track, Mondello Park.

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Irish Drift Dopeness >>> Rosebowl Cup

October 24, 2012 • By

Saturday, October 13th 2012, a date which will live in infamy, saw drifting return to the hallowed ground of Rosegreen and the Tipperary Motor Speedway. While not a fully fledged return to what we were used to, it was still a great feeling to be back there.

Due to the legal issue drifting as we know it is not allowed there. The loop hole that has allowed drifting to return in its current form is a simple one. It has to be racing with a clearly defined start point, finish point, winner and loser. The event was timed. There were 3 classes, rear wheel drive, front wheel drive and four wheel drive. Rear wheel drive had to race sideways.

Now that I’ve explained a little on how the event worked I’ll shut up and stick up a few images.