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Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Matt Field in the PNW

This was a long week, but totally worth it. With the car getting back from New Jersey Monday night at 11pm we had our work cut out for us. We were doing all the work out of Garage Autohero and there was a lot of work to be done. We brought up an assembled block with a crank and rods and pistons in it and had to switch everything over from my blown motor to this new bottom end. The motor exploding in Jersey really sucked; it took out 2 rods, cracked my block, wasted the crank, bent 2 valves, and wasted my cam. Improved Racing contacted me and sent me a new baffle for my oil pan. This is a trap door baffle so all the oil stays where it is supposed to. It looked like an awesome product and I couldn’t wait to try it out. So with lots and lots of new parts we got my new motor together. Lucas Oil provided us with some awesome break in oil that would speed up the process. This was a good thing seeing as we only had a few hours to break in the motor, get the car aligned, rebuild a bash bar, wrap  a bumper, fix fiberglass, fix taillights, oil change, clean up and get back at a decent time to get some sleep before Thursday practice. We finished everything and the car was set.
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Driver Blog Dopeness >>> Jeremy Lowe Kills Monroe!

The trip to Seattle started with a short drive up to CFRC in Orlando for their usual Saturday night drift event for a quick last minute test of our freshly repaired transmission. Everything went great, and after a late night dinner at Steak ‘n Shake and a slumber party with fellow Enjuku driver Pat Goodin, we were loaded up and hitting the road late Sunday afternoon…

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Formula Dopeness >>> JR Makes it a Double in Monroe!

It’s finally over, and now a Monster sits on the top spot of the podium in Monroe. And the Championship. Three days, and incalculable amount of rubber burnt, a ton of upsets, and to top it all off, the Championship was seriously shaken up this weekend. Oh, it was also the best event that I’ve ever photographed. More after the jump!

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Formula Dopeness >>> Seattle Qualifying

Qualifying is over, the cars are gearing up for a the final day of Formula Drift here in Monroe, make the jump for all the action from yesterday!

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Desktop Dopeness >>> Formula Drift Thursday!

In anticipation for the qualifying coming later today, I thought I’d throw up some super high resolution dekstops for you all to enjoy! In case you missed it, you can find yesterday’s article right here. More desktops after the jump!

1920 x 1200

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Formula Dopeness >>> Seattle is upon us…

What did you do today? I went to my first ever Formula D event in Seattle. I say event, but today was really a practice day. I just wouldn’t know it. These guys were going harder than anyone I’ve seen in the UK.

Make the jump for all the storied from Thursday, as well as the perspective of a tea drinking, queen loving Brit!

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YOLO Dopeness >>> Chuck Uemura’s trip to Willow Springs

You might have heard of Chuck Uemura before. He’s one of the guys in the world famous Mulsanne posse. He’s awesome. We even did a feature on him when we first started the site. Now, Chuck doesn’t drift much these days, but we decided to head to the Balcony circuit at Willow Springs to warm up for October’s All-Star Bash. Little did we know this trip would be so crazy. Little did I know how inspiring YOLO would be. Hit the jump for more!

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Hardparked Dopeness >>> Low N’ Slow at Big Boy Burgers

So, you won’t usually see me covering events in Los Angeles. You won’t even see me covering events in the United States. I’m from the UK, as you would know if you follow my Drift Allstars coverage.  This is an awesome, new scene to me. I loved it. And you should totally make the jump.

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Drift Allstars Dopeness >>> Round 1 – Birmingham – Part. II

So, where did we leave this off? Oh yeah. The event was rad. Qualifying was intense and unpredictable, and a brilliant Top 16 was the result. You can read Part I here, and when you’ve done that, make the jump!

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Drift Allstars Dopeness >>> Round 1 Video

Drift Allstars videomaker Aatomotion just dropped a rad video from Round 1. You can find the first part of our coverage here! Not to worry, Part 2 is coming next week!

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