This was a long week, but totally worth it. With the car getting back from New Jersey Monday night at 11pm we had our work […]

The trip to Seattle started with a short drive up to CFRC in Orlando for their usual Saturday night drift event for a quick last […]

It’s finally over, and now a Monster sits on the top spot of the podium in Monroe. And the Championship. Three days, and incalculable amount […]

Qualifying is over, the cars are gearing up for a the final day of Formula Drift here in Monroe, make the jump for all the […]

In anticipation for the qualifying coming later today, I thought I’d throw up some super high resolution dekstops for you all to enjoy! In case […]

What did you do today? I went to my first ever Formula D event in Seattle. I say event, but today was really a practice […]

You might have heard of Chuck Uemura before. He’s one of the guys in the world famous Mulsanne posse. He’s awesome. We even did a […]

So, you won’t usually see me covering events in Los Angeles. You won’t even see me covering events in the United States. I’m from the […]

So, where did we leave this off? Oh yeah. The event was rad. Qualifying was intense and unpredictable, and a brilliant Top 16 was the […]

Drift Allstars videomaker Aatomotion just dropped a rad video from Round 1. You can find the first part of our coverage here! Not to worry, […]