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VegasDrift Dopeness >>> Round 1 @ LVMS

Ray Ramolete Panning

This past weekend myself and Tim Walsh attended the first round of the VegasDrift series based, quite obviously, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was my first time attending VegasDrift and I hope to be bringing you more of the series along with Tim in the year to come as I have now moved from Ireland to the States. If you are interested you can check out my article on Autolifers about my thoughts on the event. On OMGdrift we are going to look at the battles!!

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Irish IDC Dopeness >>> Mondello Live Round 1

First off apologies for the delay in getting this blog up. Last weekend saw the first ever IDC, Irish Drift Championship, round in Mondello. IDC is basically Prodrift renamed. Most of the staff are still in place, rules and regulations are pretty much all the same. What an event to start off a new series with, great weather for the most part, great driving and just a general sense of excitement.

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Grassroots Dopeness >>> NI Drift Series

Last weekend saw the start of the drift season here in Ireland with the first round of the NI Drift Series based in the North West region of Ireland. Drifting is very much confined to the southern part of the island with the Irish Drift Championship (IDC, formerly ProDrift) taking place as far north as Dublin which is probably 4 to 5 hours from the most northerly tip of the country. Now for our American readers that will sound absolutely normal but over here it just simply is not! Earlier this week I posted just a overview of my trip to the NI Drift Series which you can catch on Here we will have a quick look at how the battles panned out.

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Video Dopeness >>> Emma Saunders learns to Drift | Episode 1

Recently Chris Brady asked me to come and video him teaching his partner Emma Saunders how to drift. This is the first episode of her learning just that. Initially Emma is just out learning a few basic car control techniques. In the next episode Chris will be teaching her some basic drifting techniques like initiation, clipping points and so on. Sit back and enjoy Emma ringing the neck of an E36 M3. Personally, I was really impressed with her and her attitude inside and outside the car. It is going to be really interesting to see how she gets on in the episodes to come so stay tuned to OMGdrift for future episodes!


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Irish Video Dopeness >>> ProDrift – The Finale

Cezeli Productions | ProDrift | The Finale from Patrick McCullagh on Vimeo.

The Final round ever of ProDrift took place in Ireland last weekend and it would have been rude of me to miss it. This has been the only drifting event I have been able to attend this year and to be honest I didn’t realise how much I actually missed everyone involved. I wont talk too much about the ins and outs of the day as Martin Cunningham will give you the full low down with his report. In the meantime sit back and enjoy my only drift edit of the year :)

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Drift Allstars Dopeness >>> Wem-ba-Ley

Cezeli Productions | Drift Allstars | Wem-Ba-Ley from Cezeli Productions on Vimeo.

Hella late I know but something for the up and coming drift season especially with Formula D LBC happening as we speak!

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Driver Video Dopeness >>> Team RMS – Andy Cooper

Team RMS – Andy Cooper from Cezeli Productions on Vimeo.

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OMG Purple Dopeness >>> Dylan Harte’s gorgeous Kouki S13

The first time I became properly aware of the Nissan S-body was when I seen fellow OMGdrift author Chris Gray’s S13 a few years ago at a local meet-up. At the time I was aware of drifting but was still very unsure about what an iconic car the S-body was. Well Chris has long since sold his beautiful example and locally in Northern Ireland the S13 is a, relatively, rare sight.

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2011 Review Dopeness >>> OMGPatrick


2011 was a year that promised much but on a personal level delivered very little…up until a point. After having a great year in 2010, my first year attending a drift event, my first time to edit a drift video and getting invited for the first time to be on a blog, I expected a lot from 2011.

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FormulaD Video Dopeness >>> California Dreamin’

Cezeli Productions | FormulaD | California Dreamin’ from Cezeli Productions on Vimeo.

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