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2011 Review Dopeness >>> My Year In Photos

December 7, 2011 • By

This is not the usual OMG post. This covers my year from start to this point. It won’t cover until the end as there is a drift day on new years eve that I’ll be covering but we can ignore that for now.
This has been the most eventful year of my life. Mainly because this year I got married. We had the our idea of the best honeymoon possible. I joined the ranks of OMG and covered some of the best drift events I’ve been to.

This is a quick shot of my car that after 2 years of being idle and with loads of help from my friends they got back to an almost running state for their wedding present to me and Aideen.

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Irish Drift Dopeness >>> Testing, Testing…1,2,3!

July 11, 2011 • By


On Friday I was kindly invited along to a private test session organized by ProDrift competitor Christy Carpenter at Mondello Park in Co. Kildare. Christy was testing his Yokohama backed Nissan S15 drift weapon ahead of the next round of the ProDrift Series which takes place this coming weekend. I have said it before but there is no harm saying it again, this S15 is a seriously gorgeous competition car and in the words of James Deane, who was up spectating, “For someone who owns such an amazing drift car he (Christy) doesn’t hold back!” – this was after watching Christy launching into the first corner at Mondello. Anyone who has witnessed Christy this year in ProDrift can attest that Christy has been trying very hard at every round this year.