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Formula Dopeness >>> Irwindale Results

October 19, 2012 • By


Irwindale Speedway, the House of Drift. Earlier this year we received news that Irwindale Speedway was shutting down and people began wondering what would happen with the final round of the 2012 Formula Drift Championship Series. Fortunately, the event remained on the calendar and later news confirmed that it was going to be held at Irwindale once again; and it was. This past weekend Irwindale was host to Formula Drift’s final Round 7 in 2012.


FD Irwindale Dopeness >>> Through the Eyes of an Irishman

October 12, 2011 • By

WOW… just WOW!! My first ever experience of FormulaD and to say it didn’t disappoint would be an understatement. Seriously, you guys and gals in the States don’t realize how lucky you are! I enjoyed almost every minute I had at Irwindale – more on that later. It’s all fine and well looking at a FormulaD event on the drift stream and seeing videos of it but like anything, I guess you need to get up close and personal. On the face of it, FormulaD is just another drift competition, but delve deeper and what you have is not only one of the most exciting drift series in the world but definitely one of the most friendliest series I have had the pleasure of being a part of.


Event Dopeness >>> FD Round 7 Irwindale Main Competition

October 11, 2011 • By

Formula Drift Round 7 at Irwindale was awesome, to say the least. Even more so, it was probably one of the most interesting trips I’ve ever had so far. From flying out to LAX from DIA with a loaded .40 cal clip in my luggage, to getting a ride along with Matt Powers and crashing into the wall, to the end where I lost my driver’s license around the time the after party was rocking and freaking out about how I was going to make it through TSA without a government issued ID. Still, it was awesome and has made for some fun stories.