Irwindale Speedway, the House of Drift. Earlier this year we received news that Irwindale Speedway was shutting down and people began wondering what would happen […]

Qualifying at Round 7 is over, and Rhys Millen has taken the 1st spot in his Hyundai Genesis Coupe…The whole list and some carnage after […]

Rhys Millen once again came out victorious at the Las Vegas round of Formula D competition. We caught up with Millen for a few questions […]

The sixth round of the 2012 Formula D season is in the books, with Rhys “Mad Skills” Millen securing his second victory in a row […]

For the first time in his Formula D career, Fredric “The Norwegian Hammer” Aasbo qualified in the top position. More after the break!

It’s finally over, and now a Monster sits on the top spot of the podium in Monroe. And the Championship. Three days, and incalculable amount […]

Round 3 of the Formula D Pro Championship is over, and rookie Daigo Saito and the Achilles Tire/Drift Monkey SC430 came out on top. Read […]

We want to hear your opinions on this…Rhys Millen has finally joined the Drift Alliance. So…Real, fake, or just plain funny? Tell us in the […]

WOW… just WOW!! My first ever experience of FormulaD and to say it didn’t disappoint would be an understatement. Seriously, you guys and gals in […]

Formula Drift Round 7 at Irwindale was awesome, to say the least. Even more so, it was probably one of the most interesting trips I’ve […]