Team Driver Kyle Mohan just released a new video previewing his LS1 RX-8 he’s built to compete in China for the WDS series. Check […]

Officer Dan Brockett is back in the 3rd video of the Motorcycle vs Drift videos presented by Monster Energy driver Kyle “The Menace” Mohan has sent us the first episode of his season long video series. Have a look and show some love […]

Bakchis Motorsports: 2013 Preseason Video from Ross Fairfield on Vimeo. Team OMGDrift driver Odi Bakchis likes to stay busy during the offseason. Between running Feal […]

Freedom Moves is a two-day drift festival in New Jersey put on by Club Loose. Professional drift driver Ryan Tuerck sums it up as: “Drift […]

The New Episode of Tuerck’D is out and it is CRAZY! -Ross

The final round of Formula D was over a month ago, and I finally got the video done for it. Yea, Im slow. So hit […]

The first episode of Ryan Tuerck’s new show Tuerck’d premiered today, and it is amazing. Ever play Horse in basketball? Time to update yourself, and […]

Odi Backchis called me a couple days before my own birthday to invite me out to his “Hey Ross, Adams, Saturday the 11th. 5pm. Bring […]

ITS DREW FISHBEIN’S BIRTHDAY! Our Fearless leader Drew Fishbein, The man who braves solo cross country trips to Florida and deals with our staffs antics, […]