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Grassroots Dopeness >>> March Madness At PARC


Pat’s Acres. Drifting. Spring. A few photos, and even fewer words.

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Video Dopeness >>> Tuerck’d: Oregon Trail, Part 1!!

Ryan Tuerck decided to test out a new Garrett turbo on his FD ride, and put down some crazy numbers!

-Mike G.

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Formula Dopeness >>> Irwindale Crowns a New Champion!!

With a brand new car and not much of a budget, Mike Essa and his GSR Autosport team have taken home the 2013 FD Championship! Congrats to everyone at GSR and Mike for a great season! Click more for more on how he did it!

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Formula Drift Dopeness >>> Drama and The Usual (And Unusual) Suspects on the Podium in Texas!!

Round 6 of the Formula Drift Pro Championship brought us to a new venue, yet the top two drivers in the standings managed to maintain their chase for the championship…More after the jump!

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Grassroots Dopeness >>> ClubLoose’s East Coast Bash ’13!!!

Last weekend was ClubLoose’s annual East Coast Bash, a huge party with some drifting before and after.

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Formula Dopeness >>> Wall Provides a Championship Shake-Up!!

Round 4 of the Formula D Pro Championship proved to be a huge shake-up in the championship points race, as Daigo Saito took home his second win of the season and knocked his closest competitor, Vaughn Gittin Jr., out in the Top 16. More on the craziness that took place after the jump!

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Formula Dopeness >>> Qualifying at Wall Stadium!!

Qualifying is over, and “JTP” Justin Pawlak took the top spot! Read on for full coverage!

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Formula Dopeness >>> Is Wall Stadium The Craziest Track in FD??

Round 4 of the Formula Drift Pro Championship brings us to New Jersey, and to one of the craziest tracks on the calendar; Wall Stadium.

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Formula Drift Dopeness >>> Back to the Streets

Long Beach is one of the most intimidating tracks of the Formula Drift season. Can you imagine being surrounded by walls throughout the entire course where the slightest mistake can send you careening into a concrete barrier? No thanks. Although those walls are menacing and the FD veterans are somewhat used to them, it may seem daunting to a rookie who’s running this course for the very first time. However, it didn’t seem to faze rookie Joshua Steele in his Nevrslo Motorsports S14.

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Formula Drift Dopeness >>> FD Returns To The Streets of Long Beach!!


Formula Drift is back for its tenth year of competition, and Round 1 at the Streets of Long Beach was one of the best events in recent history. With new cars, new drivers, and new rules, there was a sense of freshness throughout the weekend.

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