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Video Dopeness >>> Kumakubo on Nishi Course!!

Check out Nobushige Kumakubo chasing this Soarer around the Nishi Short Course at Ebisu…Awesome tandem on an awesome track!

-Mike G.

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Pro-Am Dopeness >>> Andrew Lewis Earns Formula D License

Andrew Lewis finished the 2013 Midwest Drift Union season in third place, securing a Formula D license to compete in the series next year. Much as we did with Geoff Stoneback and Mike Skudlarek, we’re taking a look back on the road that got Lewis to this point. More after the jump!

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Pro-Am Dopeness >>> Mike Skudlarek Earns His Formula D License for 2014

Geoff Stoneback might have won the 2013 Midwest Drift Union Pro-am series, but he wasn’t the only one to receive a license to compete in Formula Drift. Michigan native Mike Skudlarek also secured an FD license for 2013, but this isn’t his first rodeo going to the big leagues. We’re taking a look back on Skudlarek’s 2013 season where he finished the overall runner-up. More after the jump!

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Grassroots Dopeness >>> Marco Meets D Spec

When I first picked up my camera in 2010, I was lost in the world of drift. I was just a fan with a camera, trying to figure out who owned which car and how my little camera worked. After going to an event or two, I met a group of cool guys with a handful of vibrant Japanese tuner cars and was invited to a local meet at a Sonic for fun and cool cars. The leader of the pack, Marco Tellez, stepped out of his green 240sx coupe and handed me a sticker for their meet and we kept talking since. Fast forward a few years and a handful of changes for that green car and we find ourselves a V8 powered teal monster.

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Midwest Dopeness >>> Midwest Drift Union 2013 Round 2

After a two year absence from Gateway Motorsports Park, the Midwest Drift Union returned last weekend to host round two of its 2013 competition season. Tires were shred, bumpers were decimated and the points bracket jumbled. More after the jump!

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Formula Dopeness >>> Round 3 at Palm Beach International Raceway

This past weekend wraps up Round 3 of the 2013 Formula Drift series with results that were a mixed bag of exciting wins for some and an upsetting loss for others.

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Event Dopeness >>> Pro-Am Round 2 Evergreen Drift

Once again it’s on! Formula D Pro-AM Round 2 here in Monroe Washington at Evergreen Speedway. With Tyler Grimsley lined up for practice runs on the 5/8ths bank.

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Formula Drift Dopeness >>> Back to the Streets

Long Beach is one of the most intimidating tracks of the Formula Drift season. Can you imagine being surrounded by walls throughout the entire course where the slightest mistake can send you careening into a concrete barrier? No thanks. Although those walls are menacing and the FD veterans are somewhat used to them, it may seem daunting to a rookie who’s running this course for the very first time. However, it didn’t seem to faze rookie Joshua Steele in his Nevrslo Motorsports S14.

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Formula Drift Dopeness >>> FD Returns To The Streets of Long Beach!!


Formula Drift is back for its tenth year of competition, and Round 1 at the Streets of Long Beach was one of the best events in recent history. With new cars, new drivers, and new rules, there was a sense of freshness throughout the weekend.

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Formula Dopeness >>> Qualifying Results (And Some Photos)!!!

Here is your #1 qualifier for the first round of the 2013 Formula Drift series, Daijiro Yoshihara! The first day of FD Long Beach is at an end and there was a lot of action throughout the day amidst the drivers, along with a new qualifying format. Stay tuned for a more detailed post to come but for now, below is your Top 32 and some photos from today’s action.

1. Daijiro Yoshihara
2. Darren McNamara
3. Mike Essa
4. Chelsea Denofa
5. Kenneth Moen
6. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
7. Ryan Tuerck
8. Daigo Saito
9. Fredric Aasbo
10. Forrest Wang
11. Taka Aono
12. Odi Bakchis
13. Ryan Kado
14. Ken Gushi
15. Chris Forsberg
16. Matt Powers
17. Matt Field
18. Jhonnattan Castro
19. Kyle Mohan
20. Robbie Nishida
21. Joon Maeng
22. Pat Mourdant
23. Justin Pawlak
24. Toshiki Yoshioka
25. Danny George
26. Jeff Jones
27. Pat Goodin
28. Miro Ovcharik
29. Carl Rydquist
30. Enrique Mendoza
31. Dennis Mertzanis
32. Tyler McQuarrie

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