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Florida Dopeness >>> Florida Doesn’t Sleep During the Winter

While those in the Great White North have kept their toys locked away inside, I have been out and about around Florida enjoying the best weather of the year. With not even an ounce of snow touching the ground, there is no such thing as an off-season in the tropical south.

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Drift Allstars Dopeness >>> Round 2 – London

Check out our video drop from Round 2 of Drift Allstars in London!

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Video Dopeness >>> 1Kind Studio | Call Me Maybe | Formula Drift Florida

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

Seriously cant stop watching this video. Also I may or may not be dancing to it as well <3


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Video Dopeness >>> Andy Sapp is Bakk!

Words cannot describe how much I miss seeing Andy Sapp driving.

The Heavy metal god of drifting is back behind the wheel of his Death Angel BMW and will be ruining the lives of women and small animals around the Atlanta area

Welcome Back Mr Sapp!

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Video Dopeness >>> The Gatebil Experience

Here it is. The Gatebil Experience. The longtime expected video finally done after months of waiting, planning, filming, editing, teasering, sorting, learning, working, complaining and now it is finally finish. Done. Færdig. Finito. Perfectum.

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Video Dopeness >>> Corolla taking it sideways!

This video is all about former D1-driver Mr Hiroshi Takahashi from team RUNNING FREE

ripping it up at FSW short course or in particular the first corner! It definitely shows why I respect good AE86 drivers most!




The following details I know about his car:

296 degree 10.5mm lift Sakurai-cams,

toda 82mm piston,

ignition msd sci-l rev limiter at 9600rpm!!!!,

trd n2 header,

route6 cross-transmission,

final gear 4.1,

hey man products steering knuckle

please do check his JAPANESE blog for further details!

and to see more of his driving in this EPIC corolla go to:


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Irish ProDrift Dopeness >>> Drift Focus – Battle for Punchestown

Drift Focus – Battle for Punchestown from Cezeli Productions on Vimeo.

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Random Video Dopeness >>> Don’t Leave Drift Media Members In An Airport For 12 Hours

Take note airlines, we’re dangerous people! We get creative to pass the time, as Joe Ayala and Larry Chen so clearly demonstrate. Video of the year?

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Video Dopeness!

Awesome work by mr. Jape Tiitinen making this little video consisting of material filmed @ FPDA round 3 Kuopio,Finland, KalisKruising 2010 Kuopio, Finland, FPDA round 4 Joutsa, Finland and Gatebil Mantorp, Sweden!

I´m delighted to see so many talented finnish guys making these videos! Makes it way easier for me to write these posts since i actually have something else than just still shots to show you!

Now off to the video and remember to check in on monday for the Z28 presentation!



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Epic Video Dopeness >>> FD 2010 through the eyes of Shreeve

Shreeve Films | Formula Drift | 2010 Recap from Justin Shreeve on Vimeo.

A fantastic video from Justin Shreeve. To me this is such an amazing video, sometimes seeing stuff like this makes me wonder can I compete it really is just that good. This video is part of Justin’s DVD release which can be bought from

So get buying folks!!!! I know I will be purchasing real soon.

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